Wednesday, June 27, 2018

!00 B00ks Read Challenge

Congratulations to Ava for achieving the 100 Books Read Challenge.  She made a stuffed animal as her prize.

Monday, June 25, 2018


Today we were learning about fractions. We divided our class in half and discovered that half of 24 children is 12.

Music and Dance with Mrs Aiello

Over the last term Te Puawai and Te Kakano have been very lucky to have Mrs Aiello visiting our school every Monday and take our classes for Music and dance. We have learnt a lot of new rhymes, songs and how to play interesting instruments. 
Our class gave Mrs Aiello a huge Thank You card with messages from all of us.

Mia is presenting Mrs Aiello with our card.

Hail to Start the Day

Alba brought some hail into school.
It was fascinating observing it over the school day.

At lunchtime there was still a lot of icy hail even
though we had the heaters going inside.

At the end of the day we still had hail,
although it was a lot more slushy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Frankley's Te Puawai Band

Te Puawai have been very fortunate to have Jan Aiello take us for music and movement sessions on Mondays. This week we learnt a lot about all sorts of musical instruments and how to play them.

The children were then inspired to create their own band/music using whatever musical instruments they could find in our class.