Monday, November 26, 2018


We were very lucky to have Harold come and visit us on Friday. He brought with him a message about Keeping our Bodies Healthy. We learn't about eating a rainbow and drinking lots of wai (brain juice) as Harold calls it.

Getting Ready for Te Puāwai's Whakangahau

Te Puāwai have been practising hard in preparation for our Whakangahau this Friday where we will be performing four music items for the school and our parents.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Our Obstacle Course

We have been designing an obstacle course.
First of all we looked at Images on Google to see what things would be great to have as part of our obstacle course. Then we drew a plan and thought about what we wanted to include.
Next we made our courses with small parts in the classroom and photographed these.
Then we put our ideas together and made a course for our outside classroom.
We made a starting and finishing line and had fun today trialling the course.
Next we are going to time how long it takes each person to complete the course. 
It has been such a good learning journey as we have had to change and modify some of our ideas to make the course the best it can be.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Frankley School Carnival

Image result for school carnival pictures

It is our School Carnival tomorrow, Sunday 4 November.
Te Puāwai have made driftwood faces and creatures to help raise money for our school. These will be on sale in Room 3 for $2 each.
We  have our fingers crossed that the weather will be kind to us. Hope to see you there. 🌝